Art.-Nr. 566-1000-430-SP2

Cargo-Liner SP2

The Cargo-Liner offers enormous advantages wherever KLT boxes have previously been transported by hand or with “KLT dollies” as stacks. For example, eight stacks of KLT boxes can be transported simultaneously in the Milkrun train, with long travel distances in the material supply, and then separated again in production. The Cargo-Liner is designed so that each stack can be removed and loaded individually and from both sides. Thanks to the virtual coupling and drawbar system with excellent directional stability, composite transport is possible even in the tightest of spaces.

Technische Daten

Länge: 1780 mm
Breite: 750 mm
Höhe: 1405 mm

Additional information

Weight 164.0 kg
Dimensions 1780.0 × 750.0 × 1405.0 cm
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